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    Our Stained Glass Windows

    The stained glass windows of Sacred Heart Church, are truly extraordinary. They were specifically designed for this church and were manufactured by the Mayer Company in Munich, Germany, which was designated a "Pontifical Institute of Christian Art" by Pope Leo XIII in 1892. The seventeen major windows of Sacred Heart Church were commissioned only eight years after that Papal designation. A single artist created the design for the windows. They are drawn in Renaissance single-point perspective, and are rendered in rich colors that artistically and symbolically enhance the content of each window scene.

    • Jesus Saves Peter From Drowning
      This gospel tells the dramatic story of the disciples at sea watching Jesus walk toward them on the water, and St. Peter's faltering faith as he attempts to walk toward his Lord. Then, Jesus reached out to him, catching him, lifting him onto the boat saying, "You of little faith. Why do you doubt me?" (Matthew 14:22-31)
    • Jesus Gives Peter the Keys to the Kingdom
      This window portrays St. Peter's confession of Christ. St. Peter's acknowledgement of Jesus as the Christ, Son of the Living God, and Jesus' response declaring St. Peter as the rock on which he will build his church, the person to whom he will entrust the keys to the kingdom of heaven.(Matthew 16:18)
    • Jesus Blesses the Children
      This scene portrays Jesus blessing the children. As described in the gospels, people began bringing their children to Jesus so he could touch them. His disciples tried to discourage them and send them away. Jesus reminds his disciples, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them because the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."(Luke 18:15-16)
    • The Finding of Jesus in the Temple Representing the story of Mary and Joseph finding Jesus in the Temple after being separated from his parents for three days. Jesus, found in the Temple among the doctors and teachers, was listening to the teachings and asking questions of the elders. This window represents a milestone in the human and divine life of Christ, as he responds to his earthly parents, "Why are you looking for me? Did you not know that I must be busy with my Father's affairs?" (Luke 2:49)
    • Resurrection Window
      Directly opposite from the Ascension windows, this group of windows presents the Resurrection of Christ from the dead. Told in great detail in all four Gospels, the story of the Resurrection is a familiar one to most Christians. Details of the window include:
      • The women who found the stone rolled back
      • The guards cowering in fear
      • The risen Christ, triumphant over death
    • Rose Window
    • Sacred Heart Appears to St. Margaret Mary
      The central window above the altar and the namesake for the church depicts Jesus revealing his Sacred Heart to the Visitation nun, St Margaret Mary (1647-1690). The Sacred Heart represents Christ's humanity and his love for all mankind as manifested in the vision of the Saint. The humanity of Christ and devotion to the Sacred Heart are central to Jesuit devotions.
    • Death of Joseph
      St. Joseph, husband of Mary and "foster father" to Jesus, is shown on his deathbed attended by the Virgin Mary and Jesus. Just as he protected and provided for Mary and Jesus, St Joseph is designated Patron Saint of the Universal Catholic Church. He is also patron saint of the dying, as the window depicts his own remarkable death in the presence of Mary and Jesus.
    • St. Ann and St. Joachim Present Mary in the Temple
      Observing the law of Moses, the Virgin Mary's parents, St. Ann and St. Joachim, take Mary to the Temple to be presented in service to the Lord. The feast of the presentation - November 21 commemorates this offering and the dedication of the Virgin Mary in the Temple.
    • St. Patrick Preaching in Ireland
      St. Patrick(389 - 461) is depicted in Bishop's robes carrying on his famous missionary work. The Jesuit Fathers, who began their missonary work in Florida as early as 1566, and continuosly since 1889, have a great admiration of St. Patrick's work converting the pagan Kings of Ireland and their people.